• Tween Brands
    Tween Brands“Everyone was fully engaged to the end, which NEVER happens.” - Tween Brands
  • GLA
    GLA"This WAS the best meeting ever. I particularly appreciate your recognition that an organization of two people needs an off-site retreat as much as a large organization. Other facilities proudly advertise accommodations of 30 - 300. Thank you for acknowledging and respecting my reality." - GLA Employee Assistance Provider
  • Nationwide
    Nationwide“This is the 2nd year we have held this event at sparkspace and we continue to get fantastic feedback on every aspect of the event.” - Nationwide Insurance
  • Geben Communications
    Geben Communications“Honestly, our meeting yesterday was probably our best ever." - Geben Communications
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Who wants to be a rockstar?!

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If your meetings are monotonous, brain-sucking time wasters, sparkspace is your antidote. If your meetings need a jolt of positive energy, we’ve got that in very large doses. If you have been searching for a way to ignite (or re-ignite) your team’s spark, well, this is definitely the place. Some have called it a magical space. Others have said it’s “transformational” and “totally unique”. How do we do it? We just look for what is really boring and unproductive and we do the exact opposite. The result is a unique Columbus conference center that defies convention and inspires creativity and collaboration.  

Welcome to the exact opposite of boring: sparkspace… the most inspirational business retreat center on the planet.

Just a few things that make us different:

  • Our spaces are full of positive mojo
  • Our staff is uber-helpful
  • A real person answers the phone
  • We make everything soooo easy for you
  • Every rental includes 50+ free amenities
  • Our furniture is extremely comfortable
  • Our “contract” is only one page (no kidding)
  • We don’t have a single florescent light in the whole place

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